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Cultural Appropriation

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Title: Cultural Appropriation
In order to define what cultural appropriation, it is advisable that an individual is able to understand the meaning of culture which is basically a diverse set of intangible social aspects of life composed of beliefs, language system and communication. On the other hand, appropriation is defined as unlawful taking of someone’s traditional language, cultural practices and artifact’s without their permission. In general, Cultural appropriation is when an individual or a group of people decides to adopt the culture of the others especially those who are systematically oppressed. However, the practices is considered to be a wrong act, for example, pop culture is considered stereotypes because of its effects especially when emitted by the children to distinguish different races and culture and implied the power dynamic between the different cultures.
Cultural appropriation is as bad as it makes people feel bad for some reasons that are easily understandable. For example, dreadlocks that are considered a good thing by the blacks are not allowed to appear with them in the workplace due to the unprofessional way that they appear. The thing that makes them feel bad is when they open social media platforms and see their white counterparts in deadlocks during fashion models.
Cultural appropriation is also bad as it removes the actual meaning of various things. This is because it tales things that were previously meant for other things and removes their meaning and then commercializes them. Moreover, people rarely know the inventor of the thing that cultural appropriateness tries to demean. For example, black genres of music, china, Islam, headdress among others lack the application of a specific race as it can be anything such as race, movements or countries.
Another thing that makes cultural appropriateness bad is that whenever one makes an invention, he or she is not in the position to commodity his or her invention and make a profit out of it. When another person comes and sees the items and then builds it up, he takes the item and the individual will have to accept the defeat as he or she has no rights to own it.
On the other hand, cultural exchange, is basically the exchange of artists or athletes among others between two nations such that they promote mutual understanding towards each other. Therefore, despite advocating for cultural exchange there are cultures that are so strict on their dressing. For instance, the Muslim women have a form of dressing that cannot be copied by anyone just for fun as it is religious.
Also, various cultures are known to take various aspects of other people’s cultures and pass them through. An example is the culture of circumcising boys in some African nations that was passed from the Cushitic groups to other groups of people found in Africa. Therefore, it is possible and good for communities to pass some of their good cultures to others. However, those that are have different meanings to various cultures need to be respected by doing those cultures such as dressing cautiously
In conclusion, it is important for various people to have a good understanding of other people’s cultures and despite going through cultural exchanges, have respect and understanding of various cultures of others.

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