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Final Report-Simulation Exercise The player

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Final Report-Simulation Exercise The player: A. Strategic goals: what were your goals in the simulation? Mention them according to their importance. Comments Why? Strategic Goals It was seeking to ensure Palestinians’ will to be represented by United Nations is openly expressed and supported Saudi Arabia to announce its support before United Nations member States in creation and recognition of Palestine as an independent State and member of the Security Council.
to identify and implement measures that can end the wars and conflicts as it would affirm that creation of Palestine as an independent State would end the wars and conflicts that have been experienced in the country for decades Address the fact that Palestinians have been experiencing wars and conflicts for a prolonged period of time
To address potential security concerns likely to arise in creating an independent Palestinian State. To consider current conflicts and troubling events in Palestine B. The factors that influenced your ability to achieve those goals
Explain Factors States Domestic Prompted the country to seek international recognition Failed after Protective Edge Operation Negotiations for a Palestinian unity government with Hamas had failed Led president Mahmud Abbas to request United States not to reject the United Nation’s Security Council decision to create an independent Palestinian State Led president Mahmud Abbas to appeal and seek support from the Arab League States Peace processes in the past had failed as affirmed by President of Palestinian Authority, Mahmud Abbas
United Nations Security Council called for all States to act responsibly States acted in manner that will end the war and conflicts being witnessed by Palestinians by creating an independent State Pakistan and China upgraded the Palestinian representation in individual countries to level of embassies.
An emergency meeting was called in order to make a final vote either providing or denying Palestinians’ will for an independent State Saudi Arabia announced before United Nations member States its support towards creation and recognition of Palestine as a full member State
C. Main strategies you applied to overcome the obstacles you mentioned in B Comments Directed to/towards… Strategy United Nations member States Saudi Arabia provided a documentation of the cruelty and oppression Palestinians have suffered from since the wars and conflicts commenced
Palestinians and United Nations member States Identifying the need to grant Palestinians an innate right to self-determination ending unjust oppression United Nations member States The need to provide Palestine legal international recognition
Palestinians Encourage Palestine to be involved in fair negotiations with Israel in order to end existing conflicts Palestinians and United Nations member States Ensure the negotiations could not be conducted in secret to eliminate biased mediators and encourage establishment of a strong Palestinian independent State
Palestinians and United Nations member States Saudi Arabia discussing the fact that another war in Palestine would lead to socio-economic and socio-political damages D. What would you have changed in your course of action (if you could)?
Rather than emphasizing the need to find a resolution ensuring Palestine is created and recognized as an independent State, the following conflicts should have been discussed thoroughly. The thorough discussion would put emphasis for all United Nations member States to identify a resolution ending wars and conflicts in Syria and Iran. This would have led member States of the Security that voted against creation and recognition of Palestine as an independent State to support the resolution. This is because member States that are not from Middle East would not understand that the wars and conflicts in the region affect United Nations.
Thus, a thorough discussion identifying how lack of peace and stability would adversely affect United Nations should have been included. The discussion should have focused on the social, economic, environmental, political, and cultural contributions from Middle East ensure United Nations thrives. For example, the discussions would have affirmed that more wars and conflicts in Middle East would reduce prices, imports, and exports of oil and energy. This would translate to either reduced or/and lack of socio-economic and socio-political resources from Middle crucial in sustaining United Nations. Consequently, every United Nations member State would have voted in support of Saudi Arabia’s proposition for a peaceful resolution in Palestine.

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