November 26, 2020

Focal Theories of Apple Company

Focal Theories of Apple Company
Herzberg dual factor theory is important in understanding the nature and impact of job satisfaction. Under the theoretical model, any situations occurring in the company for employees’ poor job performance, it places the blame on the management. It assumes that all things happen for the overall dissatisfaction of the workers. High level of dissatisfaction leads to lower job performance. The two core factors of the job satisfaction model are advantage and desolation (Mollah 181). The theory recognizes managerial jobs regularly and gives them key proposals to enhance job satisfaction in the workplace.
The two main Herzberg factors useful in reviewing the job satisfaction includes hygiene factors and motivators. The hygiene factors do not enhance job satisfaction, but they are necessary to maintain job satisfaction. It explains that job satisfaction emerges from job security, wages, and superiority among other factors. The factors are used by organization to enhance effective planning for obtaining job satisfaction in the workplace. On the other hand, the motivator notes that when an employee is aware of the organizational operations, they are likely to get better pay for their performance in the organization. However, the attitude is difficult to find among the employee. The motivator helps to enhance he responsibility and prospect of all employees.
In spite of having innovation strategy, Apple HR strategy was unable to motivate its employee well due to the strict performance requirements that increased stress among the employees. Apple’s zero tolerance HR model was ineffective in terms of motivating the employees. The employees who pushed themselves to perform better they had higher levels of stress, which is not good for long-term productivity of the organization (Denning). Poor evaluation programs and the absence of promotions of employees also created distress among the employees. Based on the Herzberg model, the Apple HR strategy should ensure that all employees have job security, good pay, promotions, and sense of belonging and awareness in the organization. It would also involve giving the employees more responsibility in the organization. The theory would help to improve Apple’s HR strategy and thus, expanding the performance of the employees.

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