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IT for Sustainability

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1. Quality vs. quantity; the report is not the output, the report’s content is. Written communication is essential in today’s world of business. Be proud of your writing and spend a little extra time to insure you are delivering a quality product. It will pay you dividends in your career.
i just need the first question two page, and the the third page for these questions:

– Self-Evaluations. Each team member writes a paragraph or two summarizing his or her own experience working on Project 1 – IT for Sustainability:
– What did you learn from the exercise (or what should you have learned)?
– How might you apply the new skills/knowledge in future business?
– How might you apply the new skills/knowledge in your personal life?
– How did your team function and what team building skills did you learn?
– Are there suggestions, other thoughts or relevant issues?
Finally, I don’t expect you all to write like Shakespeare but I do expect to read clear and concise sentences and paragraphs.

all the information you need from this link http://epi.yale.edu/chapter/methods

IT for Sustainability
Based on the project on IT for sustainability, I was able to learn various aspects about the importance of IT in promoting long-term progress. For instance, I learned that IT is useful in supporting the corporate sustainability initiatives and programs. Sustainability responsibility relates to promoting good citizenship including the reducing of wastes, and consumption of water in a more sustainable approach. Moreover, I learned that IT plays a crucial role to reduce the implications through delivering services to the customers positively. Thus, the IT initiatives will be able to bring about positive impacts to the corporations.
The making of IT projects green is important in promoting business in a more cost efficient and sustainable way. I also learned that IT is accountable for the major success in the definition and placing appropriate strategies and processes in the society. IT for sustainability seeks to adopt clean technologies which are technologies used in production processes to manage and reduce pollution. I have understood the need to have IT to be used for sustainability as that it provides information for decision making and the understanding of the public.
I will be able to apply new skills and knowledge learned from the IT project in my future business. For example, I will be able to integrate advanced IT planning and processes to achieve long-term objectives in the business. I will learn how to integrate important communication and project management elements. I have learned several skills and acquired knowledge that is essential for business success such as decision-making skills. For example, how a business will make the right decision through the use of market research which provides accurate information. The market research can be done through forums and blogs among others (Windolph, Schaltegger & Herzig, 2014). Marketing through the technology is efficient in reaching many potential customers. IT does a business to work more efficiently and maximize productivity. I have learned to be self-motivated and self-directed, in managing time.
While working on the project, I had an opportunity to interact with the different IT expertise and stakeholders who recognizes the importance of IT in promoting sustainability. However, I noted additional programs such as quality management certification and process change management were relevant skills for promoting the development of the employees. Such an approach is useful in management and addressing IT framework concerns. Such programs are critical in evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of the IT initiatives geared towards promoting environmental excellence and sustainability. I also think IT has been useful in communicating the sustainability efforts and initiatives being undertaken.
IT impacts personal lives to a great extent. I have learned to use IT when am busy to stay connected with my family by checking them out. I can easily conduct anyone in the case of an emergency or a problem. I have learned that IT can separate my family when given supreme priority. Also, I can help my family members understand that there is the appropriate time for the use of technology. I can research for anything I don’t understand and in my studies where there is lots of information. IT has changed my life as in how I treat my family and IT. However, I should also have learned about the importance of IT aspects relating long term sustainability.
While working on the project, the team functioned well through achieving the overall objectives of the program. For example, the team was able to divide the roles and responsibilities amongst the members to get the best outcome for the project. In the project, the team building skills that I learned includes team communication, interactive teamwork, decision-making processes, negotiation, and proper planning programs and activities. Such team building skills were important in improving my aspect to improve planning and evaluation of the IT projects.
To develop an effective team, I have been able to learn how to develop trust, confidence, and friendships to improve the long-term skills and relationships. Good communication skills and techniques were important in promoting team building in the project. Without proper communications, it is always difficult for the teams to work properly in achieving their objectives (Windolph et al., 2014). The communication skills include verbal, non-verbal communication skills as well as being patient. I was able to develop active and listening skills that are important in building an effective team. The element of promoting collaborative skills is critical in achieving successful teamwork and development of teams. Expanding on these team work skills and techniques is critical in enhancing long-term progress and development.
Some of my suggestions in improving IT for sustainability projects in the society will involve introducing school programs and corporate programs that create awareness about the need to promote sustainability. The nature of sustainability program is critical towards the promoting the implications of IT in the society which is important. The government should also invest heavily in innovation and IT programs to promote positive implications to the environment. Additionally, it is necessary to develop extensive and dynamic designs to develop unique innovations and IT management approaches to improve sustainability. Sustainability-oriented activities and best programs will help to improve processes and programs in the environment. From an IT perspective, I would recommend the private sector also invest the aspects in supporting sustainability initiatives and efforts. As a result, I believe that all stakeholders should be involved in expanding the implications of IT to promote sustainability and environmental outlook.

Windolph, S. E., Schaltegger, S., & Herzig, C. (2014). Implementing corporate sustainability. Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal, 5(4), 378.

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