November 26, 2020

Micro fabrication is generally the fabrication

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 Micro fabrication is generally the fabrication of the miniature structures of micrometer scales and other smaller unit thus becoming a general term that is used to refer to various engineering terminologies such as semiconductor processing among others.
 The micro fabrication process is made of repeated processes such as deposition of film, pattering of the film into various desired features and etching/removing of the undesired patterns in the film.
 Dry etching on the other hand is divided into three separate classes namely sputter etching, reactive ion etching and vapor phase etching.
 Micro forming is another fabrication process of micro electro mechanical (MEMS) parts or structures with two or more dimensions ranging from sub millimeter and above the process involves micro cutting, micro stamping and micro extrusion which have led to development of industrial- and experimental-grade manufacturing tools.
 Micro fabricated devices are usually formed over or in a thicker support substrate for electronic applications, semiconducting substrates such as silicon wafers.
 Thus micro fabrication is a technology that is widely in application in production of various modern devices used in making the mankind environment conducive and more comfortable for existence.

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