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Project 2: Fluid Machinery Design and analysis of a new aircraft landing gear

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Project 2: Fluid Machinery
Title: Design and analysis of a new aircraft landing gear
Submission date: Week 12 (pl. see Moodle site)
1. Introduction
There are three main methods of transmitting power: mechanical, electrical and fluid power. Fluid power systems can transmit power more economically over greater distance. The work is accomplished by a pressurized fluid bearing directly on an operating fluid cylinder. A fluid cylinder produces a force resulting in linear motion. The fluid power systems are well suited in many industries because of its many advantages: easy and accuracy of control, multiplication of force, constant force or torque and simplicity, safety and economy. Figure 1 presents a fluid power system that allows an aircraft pilot to control the operations of landing gear through raising and lowering it. Using the lever of a small control valve, the pilot can control the flow of oil one direction into the cylinder to lower the landing gear and in other direction into the other end of the cylinder to raise the same.
Figure 1: Hydraulic operation of aircraft landing gear (Esposito, 2009)
The entire weight of an aircraft is supported by its landing gear. It is attached to the primary structure members of the aircraft. The type of landing gear depends on the aircraft design and its use. Most of the landing gears have wheels to perform operation to and from hard surface. The important parts of a landing gear system are brakes, shock absorbing equipment, retraction mechanism, controls, warning devices, cowling, fairing etc.
2. Aims
The aim of this project is to exercise your theoretical knowledge of fluid power system and skills in practical applications in the area of mechanical and aviation engineering.
3. Scopes
You are required to study, analyse and assess of an existing conventional landing gear system of one air craft considering information available in the web (you can assume some necessary data reasonably). Then design a new landing gear system or modify the existing design that has better performance. This is a team submission and each team present their findings in week 12 workshop session. Your submission should have the following items and headings:
(1) Introduction to fluid power system to aircraft industries targeting landing gears
(2) Literature review on Conventional Landing gear system along with Tandem Landing gears and Tricycle Type Landing gears
(3) Working principles of existing landing gear systems.
(4) Develop a case based on your research and develop a set of assumptions for your proposed design
(5) Design and analysis of a new or modified landing system that gives better control: flow control, pressure control and directional control using sufficient minimum controlling devices and valves
(6) Safety check of pipes and pressure cylinders (thick-walled or thin walled analysis)
(7) Prepare an Excel calculation sheet to put input data, standard equations, creating plots to compare
(8) Health and safety practices required for maintaining the systems.
(9) Use proper drafting tools to show changes in your new design.
(10) Draw necessary fluid circuit diagrams
Your report must include executive summary, scopes and objectives, methodology, schematic diagrams where necessary, discussions and concluding remarks and Harvard referencing systems.
Fluid Power with Applications, A Esposito, 2009.

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